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CITY OF MOUNTAIN VIEW <br /> MEMORANDUM <br /> DATE: November 10, 2011 <br /> TO: City Council <br /> FROM: Kevin S. Woodhouse, Deputy City Manager <br /> Jacqueline A. Solomon, Assistant Public Works Director <br /> Margaret Netto, Planner <br /> SUBJECT: NOVEMBER 15, 2011 STUDY SESSION—GOOGLE'S (PLANETARY <br /> VENTURES) NASA-BAY VIEW STEVENS CREEK CROSSINGS PROJECT <br /> UPDAIh <br /> PURPOSE <br /> The purpose of this Study Session is to provide an update on how Google's Stevens <br /> Creek Crossings Project has been revised to respond to City Council comments from the <br /> July 5, 2011 Study Session and receive any additional City Council feedback on concepts <br /> in the project submittal. <br /> BACKGROUND AND ANALYSIS <br /> At a City Council Study Session on July 5, 2011,the Council discussed the proposed <br /> concept for Google's bridges over Stevens Creek. City staff presented general infor- <br /> mation about jurisdictional control and City services related to Google's future devel- <br /> opment and the potential bridges crossings, as well as project-specific concepts related <br /> to the potential bridges. <br /> Since July 5, 2011, Google has continued to refine its project concepts in response to the <br /> City Council's early feedback, with input from City staff, and submitted a formal plan- <br /> ning application in late September. Additionally, preparation of the environmental <br /> documents for California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and National <br /> Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review are under way, with an anticipated <br /> January 2012 public review/comment period. As design of the project moves forward <br /> from the current conceptual/schematic phase, additional design refinements will be <br /> made based on the City Council's comments and the environmental review process. <br /> Bridge design refinement will begin after the environmental review phase. Construc- <br /> tion of the bridges,if authorized by the Council, is anticipated to begin in January 2013. <br /> This staff report and the presentation at the Study Session on November 15, 2011 are <br /> intended to: (a) present to the City Council Google's revised project submittal for the <br /> bridges and how these revisions have responded to City Council's earlier feedback; <br /> (b) clarify City staff's understanding of jurisdictional and City service issues related to <br />