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N <br />H <br />CITY OF MOUNTAIN VIEW � <br />MEMORANDUM <br />W <br />Community Development Department <br />DATE: October 4, 2013 <br />TO: Randal Tsuda, Community Development Director <br />FROM: Peter Gilli, Planning Manager (acting) <br />SUBJECT: October 2013 - Planning Division Update <br />This memorandum is a status update of notable private development projects and long <br />range planning projects underway in the City of Mountain View. The projects are <br />organized by Change Area and Neighborhood Planning Area (see Attachment 1 - <br />Planning Division Update Map). <br />• Notable changes from the prior report are underlined; <br />• Projects that have received entitlements are marked by 0; <br />• Projects that are under construction are marked by <br />• Click on the �Z icon to e -mail the project planner. <br />NORTH BAYSHORE CHANGE AREA <br />1. North Bayshore Precise Plan Update M <br />In May 2013, Council approved a revised scope of work for the North Bayshore <br />Precise Plan. On September 16, the Council discussed district -wide sustainability in <br />North Bayshore. The EPC held a study session for the Precise Plan on September 25 <br />and the Council will discuss the Plan on October 15. Completion of this plan is <br />expected by the end of 2014. (North Bayshore Planning Area) (Martin Alkire) <br />2. Sobrato Organization (1255 Pear Ave.) 0 M <br />In July 2013, the Zoning Administrator approved a 156,900 square foot (0.35 FAR) <br />five -story office building. Building permits were submitted in August 2013, with <br />construction starting in January 2014 and completion by April 2015. (North Bayshore <br />Planning Area) (Scott Plambaeck) <br />3. Intuit (2600 Marine Wy.) M <br />In July 2012, Council authorized study of a proposal for two new office buildings, <br />consisting of 370,000 square feet (1.0 FAR) for Intuit. The EPC held a study session <br />on October 2 and the Council will discuss the project on October 22. Final Council <br />action is expected in spring 2014. (North Bayshore Planning Area) (Stephanie Williams) <br />